Murdoch wins Intercollegiate Meat Judging

July 8, 2010

Murdoch University has won this year’s Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest, beating Australian and international competition at the event in Armidale, New South Wales.

The Murdoch team not only took the Roy McDonald Shield for overall success at the two day competition, but had four of its eight Animal and Veterinary Science students make the final 15 from 96 competitors from 11 universities – including teams from Japan and the USA.

The contest followed two days of workshops and seminars in which students heard from numerous industry leaders, giving them a true perspective on the Australian and global meat industry.

The Murdoch University team were champions in Eating Quality evaluation and runners-up for Pork Judging, Lamb Judging, Retail Cut and Primal Identification and Questions and Reasons.

The Murdoch finalists were Lara Burgstad, Jess Everett, Peter Ricci and Clare Hodgson.

Ms Burgstad tied for Champion Individual overall and named Champion in Overall Placings, and Ms Everett was named Champion in Lamb Judging and runner-up in Question and Reasons.

Ms Everett and Ms Hodgson have also been shortlisted for selection in the Australian national team which will travel to the USA and compete in Denver, Colorado, in January 2011.

The Murdoch team edged out the USA team in the competition for the Roy McDonald Shield – it was the first time an Australian university has managed to do this since US teams joined the Australian competition.

Murdoch team coach Peter McGilchrist said the meat judging program was fantastic for exposing students to the basics of meat science.

"Processing red meat and pork to ensure a quality product is critical to the industry’s longevity in WA, yet meat science is not commonly taught Australian universities," Mr McGilchrist said.

"This program exposes students to the fundamentals of meat science, demonstrating what affects meat quality plus highlighting the various carcase specifications required by certain markets.

"We are very fortunate in WA that Linley Valley Pork, Wellard, the Royal Agricultural Society of WA and Harvey Beef see the true benefit in educating the young enthusiastic graduates of tomorrow to ensure the industry’s longevity."

Meat & Livestock Australia Director and owner of Hillside Meats, Peter Trefort, said the meat judging program educated students so they were ready for a "fabulous career in a fabulous industry".

He added: "A greater understanding of the end product is what’s required by everyone in the industry."

"If the consumer is not happy everyone fails, as they are the ones that part with the money."

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