Murdoch Live and Explosive

December 7, 2016

Andrew Foreman dazzled students during the demonstration

Andrew Foreman dazzled students during the demonstration

Hundreds of primary school students from Perth’s metropolitan area were dazzled recently by Murdoch University’s illuminating science extravaganza, ‘Murdoch Live and Explosive’.

Andrew Foreman, Technical Resources Manager from Murdoch’s School of Engineering and IT, along with his team of lab technicians, delivered the thrilling chemistry shows for 600 years five and six students from Bull Creek Primary, Palmyra Primary, Mel Maria Catholic Primary, Winthrop Primary, Riverton Primary and Atwell Primary.

The science shows demonstrated explosions with gases, the effect of cryogens on living tissue and other materials and explained the realm of solution chemistry.

It was loud and memorable experience for the students, engaging them into the wonderful world of science and proving how cool science really is.

Mr Foreman said the demonstrations play an important role in building recognition between primary students and their ability to understand science, which could ultimately lead to a future science career.

“It’s important to get the message out there that science is not as hard or scary as people think. It’s something we can all do,” Foreman said.

“The world needs to develop scientists so we can keep making advances in those fields, so within the School of Engineering and IT, we are engaging with the local school communities to get a greater knowledge of STEM subjects out there.

“Students were engaged and enthralled with the science. I hope they go away from the event and see that Science is not as hard as they think and can see it is fun.”

Students were given the opportunity to get hands on and assist with some experiments and experienced fiery balloon explosions, the colour reactions of chemicals and frosty bite for dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

Mel Maria Primary School teacher, Jade Elvin said the event was an exhilarating experience for the students as it is difficult to teach students at a primary level the chemical component of science.

“To be able to show the students that is both fascinating and amazing. They were thoroughly engaged the entire time. I have never seen them quite so excited about science before,” she said.

‘Murdoch Live and Explosive’ forms part of the University’s outreach program, which aims to engage with the local community. Event organiser and Outreach Coordinator, Michelle Austin, hoped the demonstrations would “excite and inspire inquisitive young minds and instil a wonderment of science”.

“Andrew and his team of technicians have  further developed the show and now deliver this as part of our broader outreach offerings,” said Austin.

This year Andrew presented at the Perth Science Festival, and has also delivered the show to 700 early high school students in June.

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Antonia Girardi December 13, 2016

I happened to be at the event because my daughter's class was part of the audience. Andrew and team did an outstanding job, and I so enjoyed the fireball experiment. 🙂

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