Murdoch launches new scholarship for first year students in 2017

September 27, 2016

The new scholarship is for Year 12 students who attain an ATAR score of 80 or above and nominate Murdoch as their first preference in TISCYear 12 students in WA planning to go to university in 2017 may be eligible for a Murdoch First Scholarship of at least $2,000 if they attain an ATAR score of 80 or above.

This is a first by a Western Australian university – Murdoch has introduced this ground-breaking new student award to acknowledge and congratulate high-potential Year 12 students across the state who nominate Murdoch as their first preference in the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC).

The Murdoch First Scholarship program is a determined move by one of WA’s most established universities to proactively engage high-potential students who are yet to finalise their tertiary preferences.

Murdoch University Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Romy Lawson, said the University seeks to welcome Year 12 students who are graduating from high school with an ATAR of 80 or above and plan to study full-time.

Murdoch First scholarships are designed to help these students transition into their next phase in life at university. We will be there for our first-year students in every way – including financially,” said Professor Lawson. “This is just another example of the extra care and support which Murdoch offers.”

Until now, the vast majority of university scholarships in the state have been limited to students achieving at least a 90+ ATAR score in Year 12 to the exclusion of a large number of high-potential students.

“When a student is accepted into one of Murdoch’s broad range of courses, it is important to have the right support in place for them to succeed. Financial constraints can be a challenge for many first years – the Murdoch First scholarship for all 80+ ATAR students is a demonstration of our commitment to helping support those with proven high-potential who are willing to make that same commitment to Murdoch in making us their first choice.”

The scholarships will be issued to eligible students in two instalments in 2017 – in the first and second semesters. Successful applicants for the highly competitive Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (BSc/DVM) course are not eligible for the automatic scholarship; however, these high-performing students are encouraged to contact Murdoch to find out more about other scholarships available.

Year 12 students have only until 30th September 2016 to lodge their university applications with TISC without incurring a late fee. Students are allowed to change their preferences after the application is submitted.

For more information about the new $2,000 Murdoch First Scholarship, visit or call 1300 MURDOCH.

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