Murdoch launches new five-year strategy

October 20, 2017

Future strength: The purpose of Murdoch's refreshed strategy is to be a creative force for current and future generations.

Murdoch University has launched its refreshed Strategic Plan (2017-2027), which secures its future direction and priorities for growth over the next five-year and 10-year horizons.

The strategy outlines the University's goals to be of service to society through education, research and community engagement, seeking deep collaborations with other education institutions, business, industry and governments in the common pursuit of excellence.

Murdoch University Vice Chancellor, Professor Eeva Leinonen said Murdoch’s strategy would position the University to be ready to meet future challenges and take advantage of previously unimagined opportunities.

“Over the next five years, we have the opportunity to build on our many strengths – established over decades of hard work — to grow an even stronger and a more vibrant University community,” Professor Leinonen said.

“Our purpose is to be a creative force for current and future generations.

“We will achieve this by focusing on our two core goals; to educate free thinkers who thrive in society and are sought after by employers; and to provide life changing solutions for the world’s big challenges through our outstanding translational research and innovative practice.”

Professor Leinonen said a clear focus would define the University’s actions and priorities, as it also aims to expand its global presence and impact by being a gateway to the Asian and Indo-Pacific regions.

“In the future we will be recognised as a world changing university through the impact of our free-thinking graduates, our life-changing research and our innovative campus developments in Western Australia and in strategic global locations,” she said.

The Strategic Plan and Future Horizon 2017-2027 was developed through more than 12 months of extensive collaboration and consultation from all parts of the University community: from staff, students and academics through to government, business and industry representatives.

“Over the last 12 months, hundreds of people linked to our proud University have come together with a shared commitment to the advancement of Murdoch University,” added Professor Leinonen.

“Their contribution to the development of the plan ensures we have a comprehensive strategy that will guide us, as we work together to strengthen our University’s capacity to evolve, adapt and thrive in a modern world.”

The University’s people and culture, financial strength, physical and digital environments and ‘value-add’ services and operations would support the activities of the strategy.

To find out more about Murdoch University’s Strategic Plan and Future Horizon 2017-2027 click here.

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