Murdoch joins G20 youth forum

April 30, 2014

Murdoch University is sending two representatives to the world's largest event for young leaders, the G20 Youth Forum in Germany next week.

The G20 Youth Summit is a global forum that brings together young leaders to discuss innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues on the G20 agenda, which are then shared with G20 policy makers.

Murdoch University’s Dr Jeffrey Wilson, a world authority on resource and energy security, will be chairing a Round Table on international economic relations at the conference.

He will also deliver a paper about multilateral organisations and the challenge of international energy cooperation.

“Despite increasing energy security problems at a global level, multilateral energy organisations have struggled to develop robust cooperative arrangements between governments,” Dr Wilson said.

“Given the G20’s recent focus on energy issues, the 2014 Youth Forum provides an ideal opportunity to explore new strategies for promoting a coordinated global approach to the problem of energy insecurity”.

Murdoch’s student representative at the conference, Rizky Anugerah, is undertaking a Bachelor of Arts in Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies.

“I have a keen interest in international social, economic, and political issues in particular security analysis, utilising critical and logical thinking in making connections to predict on impact of actions today on matters in the future,” Mr Anugerah said.

“At the G20 conference I seek to link up with and associate with other young people, business people, and government leaders from different regions of the globe to share and exchange views/opinions on issues and problems making global impact.”

G20 Youth Forum runs from 7 to 11 May, and will draw together around 1200 young leaders, parliamentarians, students and academics, representatives of the business world, governments and international organisations.

The Opening Ceremony (10.00-12.30 CET on 8 May) and Closing Ceremony (14.00-16.30 CET on 10 May) will be webcasted live here.

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