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July 28, 2017

Creative design: two Murdoch Uni students have created a stunning mural for Open Day.

Two Murdoch students have created a stunning mural for the University’s Open Day this weekend.

Alexandra Haynes and Daniel Ang, who both study Games Art and Design, collaborated to produce a huge black cockatoo wings painting.

The artwork will be on display for people to pose with near the Pop Up Ref, just off Bush Court, during Sunday’s Open Day.

Alexandra and Daniel will also be producing murals of native landscapes and visitors can follow their progress between 9am and 3pm at locations near the Bookshop, just off Bush Court.

All the murals will then go on permanent display at various locations around the University.

“Our beautiful Perth campus hosts populations of endangered Forest Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos and Carnaby’s Cockatoos, so the mural is fitting, as well as being extremely eye-catching,” said Murdoch Events Manager Glenn Hamilton.

“Alexandra and Daniel are very talented artists and we are incredibly proud of their efforts on the mural.

“We’re looking forward to seeing pictures of Open Day visitors with the wings all over social media. We’re also excited to see what Alexandra and Daniel will produce on the day itself.”

The students had to battle the wind, rain, sand and Dan’s pet dog while painting the mural on Dan’s patio. The whole process took two weeks.

“Dan had to lie down on the boards while I drew in the wings, so we could get them at the right height and proportions,” said Alexandra.

“We painted the background first, starting with big shapes, adding mid tones and highlights, and blending them together using a dry brush.

“Then finally, we painted the wings, starting with big areas of colour before refining the details.

“There was also a lot to consider with the mural being kept outdoors. We learned a lot about preserving the wood and acrylics in the weather.”

Dan added: “I normally illustrate and draw digitally, so for me, producing the mural with paints was a very different experience to what I’m used to. I really enjoyed the process and it has been very rewarding.

“As part of the Games Art and Design course, we learn the fundamentals of art; proportions, perspective, atmosphere, lighting, colour theory, in relation to digital concept art, 3D art, and animation.

“Some of the techniques used for the mural were definitely more specific to traditional acrylic painting, but I certainly feel that the fundamental techniques taught in the games art and design course can be applied to any art piece, traditional, digital, or 3D.”

Dan and Alexandra are looking forward to producing their next murals over the course of Open Day and meeting the next generation of Murdoch students.

“I am excited for the challenge, and looking forward to meeting with people who are interested in painting, or thinking about studying arts in the future,” said Alexandra.

Coming to Open Day? Don’t forget to post your picture of you and your loved ones with the cockatoo wings on social media using the hashtag #murdochopenday.

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