Murdoch School of Engineering & IT to undergo digital transformation

March 6, 2018

Murdoch University is about to get a new state-of the art gaming and networking hub. Copyright: Geyer Pty. Ltd.

Murdoch University Information Technology (IT) students will soon be able to take their education to the next level, with the transformation of the current Science and Computing building to include a new state-of-the-art gaming and networking facility.

The new $2.6 m facility will occupy the third floor of the building, and will feature networking and game development laboratories, an industry-scale data centre, and several collaborative teaching and learning spaces that will be accessible to students 24/7.

Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen said the development of the new facility aligned with the University’s master plan to provide cutting-edge learning, teaching and research facilities to its students.

“Our new networking and gaming labs will employ the latest available technology to put Murdoch University at the forefront of IT, networking, and gaming education in the state,” she said.

“This facility will contribute to the overall ‘Murdoch experience’, building on the identity of the campus to meet the expectations of our current students and encourage future enrolments in IT-related courses.”

Completion of the new facility is planned for Semester Two of this year.

Students of computer science, games technology, cybersecurity and forensics, as well as other IT majors and specialties, will then have a dedicated space to work collaboratively and gain practical experience on the latest equipment commonly used within the industry.

“The common spaces in the new facility will foster greater interaction among students, and between students and their academics, allowing them to work across the various fields of IT either individually or in groups,” said Associate Professor Hamid Laga, Head of the Information Technology Discipline.

Dean of the School of Engineering & IT, Bogdan Dlugogorski, said this was the most significant development for the discipline of IT at Murdoch University for many years.

“From their first day at Murdoch, IT students will be exposed to the most recent technological developments, and be work-ready from day one after their graduation and more importantly, they will get to enjoy their learning journey,” Professor Dlugogorski said.

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ANDREW TAGGART March 9, 2018

well done Hamad and Bodzio for building the case for this exciting initiative.

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