Murdoch Dubai staff and students to attempt Everest trek

April 16, 2015

Students and staff from Murdoch Dubai will be trekking to Mount Everest Base CampA group of staff and students from Murdoch University Dubai will be embarking on a grueling 125km trek to Mount Everest Base Camp later this month.

The three undergraduate students, four staff and two executives from Murdoch’s academic infrastructure provider Global Institute Middle East (GIMEL), which is sponsoring the trip, will also be trekking to the summit of Kala Patthar, which will provide them with some of the best views of Himalayan peaks in the Nepalese region.

They have been training hard for the 11 day trek, covering many of the United Arab Emirates’ highest peaks to get them used to the rough terrain and extreme temperatures of -15 degrees Celcius.

Murdoch Dubai Dean Dr Max Sully said that Murdoch took great pride in providing supportive environments in which students could develop and excel both academically and personally.

“We seek to enhance the students’ experiences with a well-rounded approach to their education, including working on real-life case studies with local businesses and extracurricular activities like this trek,” he said.

“Murdoch Dubai wishes the students and the rest of the expedition team all the very best and thanks GIMEL for sponsoring this event.”

The Academic Director of Murdoch Dubai Dan Adkins added that the anticipated experience, including its inherent ups and downs, the challenges and personal triumphs, would hopefully stay with the students throughout their lives.

“We hope it will help them to see that success in life will come most readily through persistence, personal sacrifice, sheer drive, commitment and team-work,” he said.

Trek participant Maria D’Costa, who is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems degree at Murdoch Dubai, said: “Murdoch has provided me with tremendous opportunities to excel academically and to help me grow as an individual. The trek will be a once in a lifetime experience.”

She will be joined by fellow students Ahmed Al Saidy, who is enrolled in the Bachelor of Media in Journalism course and Xiao Hu, who is enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce in Finance.

Murdoch Dubai staff members Sanjay Rodrigues, Biju Veetil, Willbert Sayson and Gary Fernandes will also be taking part in the trek.

This is the second trek involving Murdoch students and GIME executives. In March 2013, the founder and co-chairman of GIMEL Rakesh Wahi, its Senior Vice President Chris Pilgrim and Murdoch Dubai student Hazim Darwish climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The experience motivated those involved to organise the Everest base camp trek.

Mr Wahi and Mr Pilgrim will also be part of the Everest base camp trekking team.

Their hike starts on April 26 from the Nepalese town of Lukla. They hope to reach Everest base camp on May 3 and finish their trek back in Lukla on May 6.

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