Murdoch courses put students in the workplace sooner

October 3, 2011

Murdoch University is helping to streamline the learning process for students wanting to gain professional qualifications and enter the workplace sooner.

With just weeks remaining to finalise TISC applications – where university applicants submit their preferences for university courses to apply to study next year – high school leavers and other prospective students have some major decisions ahead. The team at Murdoch University is encouraging them to keep their long-term goals in mind during the process of selecting courses.

According to Tim Martin, Murdoch’s Director of Domestic Student Liaison and Recruitment, it’s important to consider the length of a course and the professional qualification offered at the end.

“At Murdoch, our degree structure means students can get their professional qualification faster, and therefore begin their career sooner,” he said.

“This is particularly relevant for courses such as Engineering, Law, Education and Nursing, which can all vary in length according to which university is offering them.”

“Choosing a streamlined course makes financial sense, as students are ready to enter the workplace and start earning sooner. A shorter course also means less to pay in fees and learning expenses over the term of the degree.”

Martin explained that Murdoch degrees allow students to study for their profession of choice from the beginning.

“Our degrees are flexible and can be tailored to suit each student’s needs. If a student has two areas of interest and is not sure which to choose, they don’t have to – they can do a double degree. We also offer the flexibility for students to move to another degree if they change their mind about their course.”

More information about Murdoch’s Engineering, Law, Education and Nursing courses is available on  Murdoch's course website or by calling 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624).

The Murdoch website features a range of tools – including Course Finder – to help TISC applicants find the right kind of course to suit their personality type and interests.

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