Murdoch arts professor in live discussion of ‘challenging’ theatre piece

February 17, 2017

Prof Helena Grehan to co-host PIAF artist talkProfessor Helena Grehan from Murdoch University’s School of Arts will be co-hosting an artists’ talk about one of the more complex and innovative works at the Perth International Arts Festival.

The aim of the talk is to open up discussion between the company and members of the public about this exciting performance.

The free event will see Professor Grehan join writers Caroline Wake, Josephine Wilson and members of the ensemble on an expert panel to discuss Back to Back Theatre’s latest work Lady Eats Apple.

The panel members, who have many years of experience performing, writing about and responding to theatre projects, will share their responses to the play and engage in conversation with members of the audience.

Professor Grehan said Back to Back Theatre is one of Australia’s most internationally lauded companies, and is doing really important work.

“This company deal with issues about what it takes to be human, how we judge and respond to other people and about the ways in which we might balance everyday concerns and activities with the big questions we face in the 21st century,” she said.

“Back to Back’s work is always very layered in terms of both the content and style of presentation and this is especially the case with Lady Eats Apple which is a technically innovative and exciting theatrical experience including projection and headphones.”

As the festival program explains: “Set inside a vast, awe-inspiring inflatable, Lady Eats Apple is a story about the inevitability of death, our fragility and the myths and illusions we create to fortify ourselves.”

Professor Grehan said the aim of the discussion was to “provide some background about the company’s work and to generate a space for discussion with the audience about the work’s key themes and topics. This event is a great opportunity to draw out questions and create a rich context for people to participate in this important play.”

Professor Grehan has published a book on Back to Back Theatre and has participated in similar events with Back to Back Theatre in Melbourne and also with the Black Swan Theatre in Perth.

This event will be held upstairs in the State Theatre of WA at 4:15pm, Saturday 4 March.

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