Murdoch album remix cracks US music charts

October 11, 2017

Chart buster: Student/lecturer remix earns big international airplay

A Murdoch University lecturer has shared more than just his expertise with students – giving them his own music as a vehicle to launch themselves on the charts.

Music production lecturer from the School of ArtsDr Simon Order, released an ambient electronica album in 2015 and this year invited some students to join a collaborative project producing a remix album.

Third year sound students Ben Da Cruz and Andrew Davis teamed up with Murdoch University staff to release The Night Train Vacancies through an independent international music label.

Incredibly, the album rose to number 13 in the North American Community Electronic Music Charts and gained airplay throughout Australia and in the US.

Dr Order said the students gained real-world experience, new contacts and a launch pad into the music scene.

“It was amazing. We are an unheard of Aussie act which gained international exposure – up there in the charts and heard alongside artists like LCD Sound System, which were just above us at number 12 in the charts,” he said.

“The label is also working to secure syndicate deals – getting the music picked up for use in international TV, film or advertising campaigns.”

Dr Order helped the students navigate the complexities of music production by handling the financial, legal and marketing aspects. He also provided them with expert composition and sound production advice.

The exercise was also valuable because it helped strengthen the local music production industry, he said.

“The more we help each other and build the whole music production community, the more sustainable we can become as individual artists.”

Mr Da Cruz is President of the University Sound Club and is using his passion and newfound expertise to produce a new music festival on 3 November at Murdoch University.

The Night Train Vacancies album is available to download

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