Murdoch addresses the challenges unique to First in Family students

March 17, 2017

Associate Professor Sarah O'Shea will share ways to help First in Family students.

University study is unchartered territory for many, with research showing that 50 per cent of students are the first member of their families to enrol in higher education.

Murdoch University is hosting a seminar on the types of support that family can play when students go into university, and will unpack the myths, the expectations and the realities of the university environment.

The seminar will take place at 7pm Thursday 23 March at Murdoch University’s South Street campus.

A panel of Murdoch student support staff and current students will join guest speaker Associate Professor Sarah O’Shea from the University of Wollongong who will address some frequently asked questions, and present a range of support services.

Professor O’Shea, whose research centres on student access and participation within the university sector, said that there was a higher risk of ‘first in family’ students dropping out of university.

“In times of difficulty who do you turn to? The top two responses we received from our studies were ‘self’ and ‘family’,” she said.

“Both answers came across very clearly in the interviews and narratives collected with student participants, not only for our younger learners but also for our older cohort as well.”

This discussion will also consider how ‘first in family’ students can be supported and advised during the transition from the school environment into the higher education sector.

This informative evening is suited for mature age students who may be the first person in their family considering university study, for parents, career counsellors and school support staff.

RSVP or to find out more information about this event here.


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