Murdoch’s key role in public sector conference

November 5, 2014

Professor Rod Rhodes presenting at the IPAA Research Day at Murdoch University

Murdoch University academics and students were active participants in the 2014 Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) International Conference which was held in Perth in late October.

The Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs was a principal partner of the conference and its Dean Professor Benjamin Reilly, lecturers Professor Mark Beeson, Dr Yvonne Haigh and Associate Professor Michael Crozier were among the speakers and facilitators.

The University’s Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Taggart was also one of three dignitaries chosen to officially welcome delegates to the conference, which was held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Professor Reilly said the conference’s theme was The Shape of Things to Come, with a focus on exploring the public sector’s capacity for ideas, energy and ability to work together to implement shared outcomes.

“One of the highlights of the conference was Professor Rod Rhodes’ presentation entitled Recovering the craft of Public Administration which drew on his detailed observations of senior civil servants and ministers at close quarters,” said Professor Reilly.

“He presented a compelling narrative about the real world of public policy, politics and administration in Australia and the United Kingdom using elite ethnography as the key methodological approach.”

Professor Rhodes’ session was sponsored by the Sir Walter Murdoch School.

Professor Reilly also spoke in the session entitled The Future in One Hour which looked at the major trends and challenges facing the public sector in the coming years and decades.

Sir Walter Murdoch School students also strongly engaged with the conference, which provided an opportunity for those passionate about the public sector to network with peers and colleagues.

Following the IPAA conference, the Sir Walter Murdoch School also hosted a Research Day for presenters and attendees to present their own research papers. There were lively discussions and new networks forged on the day, which featured over 13 papers on different aspects of public policy in both Australia and overseas.

With over 700 delegates from across the country and overseas attending, the conference was one of the biggest public policy events ever staged in Western Australia.

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