MOU to deliver new opportunities for leadership training

November 3, 2010

Professor John Yovich and Geoff Wrigley

 The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and Murdoch University have signed a memorandum of understanding which will provide a basis for enhanced services in the area of leadership and management development.

The MoU will deliver a number mutual benefits between the two organisations, including a collaborative approach to the development and delivery of leadership and management development programs.

CCI's Chief Commercial Officer, Geoff Wrigley, said CCI currently offered targeted and practical training courses covering areas such as industrial relations, frontline management and supervision, HR, safety and international trade.

“The objective of this MOU is to provide the opportunity for CCI to deliver a 'whole of business' approach to management and leadership training and development programs, with programs at the executive level being delivered via Murdoch University's Executive Education Centre,” he said.

Murdoch University Vice Chancellor John Yovich said that its alliance with the CCI would help to extend the reach of its recently established Executive Education Centre.

“Murdoch’s partnership with the CCI will mean that we can provide a more comprehensive range of  leadership and management initiatives to a broader range of clients,” he said.

Benefits to CCI’s almost 6000-strong member base will include access to a larger range of senior management programs, a 20 per cent discount on all open programs provided by the Centre and the possibility of advanced standing towards some of Murdoch’s qualifications.

Murdoch University will also work with CCI on research into management and leadership issues, with the results benefiting both the University and CCI members.

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