More GreenPower means less greenhouse gas at Murdoch

August 13, 2010

Murdoch University has again increased its use of renewable energy, cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by a further 216 tonnes a year.

The environmental saving is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 33 households.

Murdoch increased its use of Synergy’s GreenPower – government-approved renewable energy – as part of its commitment to sustainability and its involvement in the Days of Change program, which encourages and supports people and organisations to reduce their ecological footprints.

The University made a Days of Change pledge to increase its GreenPower use from 15 to 16 per cent from August 1. The increase represents around 20,000KWh per month and will reduce the University’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by 216 tonnes a year.

This is in addition to the 3234 tonnes of savings Murdoch was already achieving by buying 15 per cent GreenPower.

Murdoch’s Environmental Program Manager Caroline Minton said that as part of the University’s commitment to Days of Change, staff and students were encouraged to go online at to pledge and take action to reduce their impact on the planet.

"There are five simple things people can do at work and home to make a contribution to change," she said.

"Turn the computer off at the wall once you’ve finished using it and turn off the light in the toilet, learn what can be recycled – for example take the lid off the bottle before you put both in the recycling bin, use a refillable drinking bottle or takeaway mug, and leave your car at home at least one day a week."

Murdoch’s Chancellor Terry Budge is on the board of the not-for-profit foundation running Days of Change and Murdoch graduate Julian Ilich is the organisation’s CEO.

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