Little Free Libraries at Murdoch to promote a love of books

February 14, 2018

Tamara Capper with one of the Little Free Libraries

Book exchange: Murdoch librarian Tamara Capper with one of Little Free Libraries

Murdoch University’s Perth campus has become the latest location for an initiative promoting the discovery and sharing of books.

Two Little Free Library boxes have been installed at Bush Court and near the Chiropractic Clinic on Discovery Way for the local community to exchange books at no cost.

The cute mini libraries were built by Murdoch staff member Dr Steve Shaw from recycled wood gathered at verge collections. They were expertly painted by Murdoch School of Arts alumnus Ali Salah and student Brent Minehan.

“The idea with the Little Free Libraries is simple: users take a book from the Little Free Library box, and they return or exchange it,” said Murdoch University librarian Tamara Capper.

“The boxes are a piece of neighbourhood art that will act as a mini town square, encouraging the local community to discover and share books and magazines they have enjoyed.

“A man called Todd H. Bol from Wisconsin in the United States built the first Little Free Library in memory of his late mother in 2009. Currently there are more than 60,000 registered Little Free Libraries around the world.”

Ms Capper said she hopes the library will prove popular with Murdoch staff and students, as well as the local community surrounding the University.

The Geoffrey Bolton Library at Murdoch University will ensure the box is initially stocked with a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles, and will add titles periodically in the months ahead.

Then it will be up to users to keep the library stocked as a community resource.

If the initiative proves popular, there are plans to build and install another Little Free Library box at a different location on campus later this year.

Matthew Evans, Director of Library and Knowledge Management Services at Murdoch, said: “The University is proud to be the first Western Australian university to register and embrace the Little Free Library initiative.

“We are passionate about supporting a love of books in our community.”

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Dr Ellen Greenham February 20, 2018

Thank you Dr Shaw and your team for this exciting addition to campus. It revives the true purpose of a university – as a gathering place for the community to share knowledge and new ideas in a manner unencumbered by monolithic structure. In the spirit of free thinking, you are to be applauded for bringing this initiative from 'over there' to 'here'.

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