Kim Beazley comes to Murdoch

September 14, 2016

Hon Kim Beazley AC

Hon Kim Beazley AC

Former Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon Kim Beazley AC, returned to Murdoch University today to discuss American politics and Australia’s relationship with the United States (US).

Around 100 staff and students attended the seminar, which focussed on the impact of the US election on our Alliance relationship with the United States, particularly in the event of a Donald Trump victory.

The talk also touched on a wide range of issues in the Australia-US relationship including strategic issues, defence cooperation and other aspects of his former role as Australian Ambassador to the United States.

Mr Beazley has a long association with Murdoch, having previously tutored and lectured in politics at the University.

He told the audience: “It’s good to be back at the place that paid for my first mortgage!

“Murdoch is a terrific place to be a student and it’s a terrific place to study.”

Former Opposition leader and Australian Ambassador to the United States, Mr Beazley wasted no time in discussing election hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

He said: “Australia has a dialogue with the US. We are their number one muse.

“I hope that Hillary Clinton wins. Hillary understands Australia.

“Trump is Hillary’s polar opposite. He’s a liar. We have not had a mention by him on the campaign trail.

“I think if he is elected, he’ll look at how he can make money, including for himself.

“He loves Putin. Putin is his model of the perfect, international statesman.”

After addressing the audience for 30 minutes, Mr Beazley accepted questions from the audience, before drawing the seminar to a close.

Professor Benjamin Reilly, Dean of the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, co-hosted the seminar.

Professor Reilly said: “Kim is one of Australia's, and Western Australia's, most significant political figures.

“He has a strong Murdoch connection. In the University’s early years, Kim was a student member of the planning committee for the University and taught in the-then School of Social Inquiry from 1976 to 1980.

“We were fortunate to have someone of Kim’s calibre with us at that crucial time. I’m pleased that we have also been able to maintain Kim’s links to Murdoch.”

Mr Beazley will tonight be awarded an honorary Degree of Doctor of the University at the 2016 Graduation Ceremony, held at the Riverside Theatre, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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