Investment will boost pork industry

December 13, 2010

News that the Federal Government is to invest a further $20 million in a research centre which aims to transform Australia’s pork industry has been welcomed by Murdoch University researchers.

Murdoch is a core partner in the Pork Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), which will use the funding to revolutionise pork production systems to produce high quality pork at affordable prices, while improving animal welfare.

The funding, which secures the centre’s future for a further eight years, was announced by Federal Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr.

Professor John Pluske, Director of Murdoch’s Institute for Animal Research, sits on the Pork CRC’s board. Professor Pluske and Murdoch microbiology Professor David Hampson have both received funding from the CRC to conduct research on pig health and production.

Professor Hampson said: “The pork industry is hugely important to Australia. It contributes $3 billion to the national economy each year and generates around 8000 jobs.

“This funding will ensure we can continue to improve standards which will benefit the industry, consumers, and animal welfare.”

The funding will support four research programs in particular. These aim to improve animal welfare by eliminating the need for confinement of sows, cut antibiotic usage in production systems by half, provide world-class analysis systems, demonstrate the human health benefits of pork consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and deliver a new generation of highly-trained scientists and production staff.

The $20 million was among $100 million in funding announced by Senator Carr under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program.

The Program establishes long-term collaborations between industries, research institutions, communities and governments. They play a crucial role in addressing Australia’s innovation needs and delivering social, environmental and economic outcomes for all Australians.

Information on all the successful centres in this funding round is available here.

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