International Masters hits Backpacker’s Bucket List

June 10, 2015

Carl ErichsAustralia’s relationship with Indonesia was not at the top of Carl Erichs’ mind when he arrived in Perth for a backpacking holiday from Sweden in 2013.

However, after catching up with two friends enjoying an exchange semester at Murdoch University, he realised that Perth could offer more than a great beach holiday.

Carl enrolled in a Masters in International Affairs at the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, and is now looking forward to carving out a career working in military intelligence.

“The world of intelligence opened up to me during my year of drafted national service and I am amazed how people can operate in a bubble, thinking that global issues will not affect them,” Carl said.

“My Masters has enabled me not only to improve my English but also to build on my undergraduate degree in political science and learn about international relations.

“Most importantly I had the chance to gain some real world experience in my chosen field.”

Carl has just completed a six month internship at a security and Defence consulting agency called Risk Intelligence Solutions, where he has been gathering information about Australian and Indonesian defence and security cooperation.

“It was fantastic to learn first-hand about security and military intelligence and to gain a different perspective on global politics,” Carl said.

“The internship was an incredibly valuable way, not only to learn, but to establish what interests you in the field.

“I hope to use these skills to one day work for Swedish intelligence or in a central organisation that administers aid during disasters and society breakdown.”

Dean of the Sir Walter Murdoch School, Professor Ben Reilly, said that, as a European student, Carl’s eyes had been open to Indo-Pacific affairs, a skill that will make him stand out in the job market back home.

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