International conference to address sustainable water use

January 19, 2011

Dr Brad Pettit

Key representatives will address the reuse of wastewater at a public meeting at Fremantle City Council Hall on February 2 as part of the International Conference on Integrated Water Management.

Guest speakers at the public meeting Wastewater Reuse – A Sustainable Practice, will include the Hon. Mayor of Fremantle, Dr Brad Pettitt, Associate Professor Eran Friedler from the Israel Institute of Technology, the Water Corporation’s Chris Higgs and Piers Verstegen, Director of the Conservation Council of WA. Department of Health’s Richard Theobald and environmental and sustainability consultant Josh Byrne will also address sustainable practices.

Speakers and delegates from 25 countries will attend the International Conference on Integrated Water Management, which runs from February 2-5 at Murdoch University’s Economics Commerce and Law building. Dr Kuruvilla Mathew from Environmental Science at Murdoch University urged the public to attend the free meeting on February 2.

“It will become essential for residents of Western Australia to consider the use of wastewater as a water resource for multiple of uses. The aim of the public meeting is to educate public about these uses,” Dr Mathew said.

Dr Mathew said the three-day conference, which is still open for registrations, would showcase Perth’s sustainable integrated approach to water use to an international audience.

“The international community will get an opportunity to see how the people in Perth have achieved a sustainable integrated approach for water management. We use surface water, desalinated water, groundwater, wastewater and rainwater runoff with an integrated approach. This will be a model for the international participants to practice water management systems in their own country, “he said.

Those interested in attending the free public meeting or registering for the three-day conference should contact Dr Mathew – or 9360 2896.

For more information about the conference visit

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