Indonesian officials draw on Murdoch's expertise

June 28, 2013

A group of Indonesian government officials will head to Perth next month for a unique training program, run by Murdoch University's Asia Research Centre.

23 high level representatives from Indonesia's Ministry of National Development Planning (known as BAPPENAS) will participate in the 12 day course, which will explore the governance challenges posed by recent transformations in the Asian region.

"The political, social and economic landscape has been changing rapidly in the region and governments need to understand the changes and be able to meet the demands posed by these," said Professor Kevin Hewison, Director of the Asia Research Centre.

"An understanding of changing governance practices in the region is critical for policy leaders who seek to engage with local and international partners in an effective and informed manner."

Led by Training Course Director Professor Vedi Hadiz, a team of academics from Murdoch University will share their knowledge across eight inter-related modules. These will examine the key transformations in the region and investigate the impacts for public policy.

"The training should inform public policy which will make for more efficient, more accountable and more sustainable government."

"This is an important event for the Asia Research Centre and Murdoch University, with the added benefit of strengthening Indonesian-Australian relations," Professor Hewison said.

"BAPPENAS chose Murdoch for this training because it recognised the unique knowledge base at the Asia Research Centre."

The training program, titled Governing the Asian Century: Politics, Economics and Public Policy in the Asian Region will be run from 1 to 12 July at Murdoch's South Street campus.

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