Indonesia the focus of latest Commission meeting

May 8, 2013

The emergence of Indonesia as a significant economic player in the Asian region, and its connections with Western Australia, were the focus of the second meeting of the Murdoch Commission in Indonesia in April.

Commissioners met with a range of figures from key organisations in Jakarta to raise awareness about the project and to gather information about Indonesia for the Commission’s program of study.

“The Commission was interested to hear what Indonesians consider to be the key issues for their country in regard to economic and social development, and how they see its role in wider regional engagement, especially in relation to Australia and WA,” said Commissi

on Chair, Mrs Kerry Sanderson AO.

The group also conducted an intensive focus group session, in collaboration with Universitas Paramadina, to capture the thoughts and perspectives of emerging Indonesian leaders across a variety of sectors.

Commission Director of Studies, Associate Professor Michael Crozier observed that “one of the most striking aspects of this exercise w

as the energy and cautious optimism expressed by these young leaders about their country’s prospects in the face of some major societal and environmental challenges.”

Launched in February this year by Murdoch University, the Commission has drawn together experts from business, government and academia to investigate development potential in the region in the coming five to ten years.

Entitled Western Australia and the Evolving Regional Order: Challenges and Opportunities, the Commission is investigating development potentials in the region through a set of specific themes, including economic prospects, diplomacy and governance, expertise and innovation, and resources security and sustainability.

The Commission next meets in China in June, and its final report and recommendations will be finalised in late October 2013.

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