Honours for African Politician

September 11, 2014

Murdoch University has bestowed its highest honour on a politician who has helped to stop the spread of HIV in Africa.

His Excellency Mr Festus Mogae, who was President of the Republic of Botswana until 2008, was awarded a Doctorate of the University at Murdoch’s graduation ceremony on 10 September.

In 1999, Mr Mogae was sworn in as the President of Botswana, a position held until 2008.

As President, Mr Mogae ensured Botswana’s continued stability and prosperity through careful management of mineral resources and diversifying the economy to protect the region’s natural resources and environment.

One of his greatest achievements is his fight against HIV/Aids in Botswana, a country where nearly 25 per cent of all adults are infected with the disease.

Under Mr Mogae’s strong leadership, Botswana introduced one of the most comprehensive and effective HIV treatment programs in Africa. Transmission of HIV from infected mothers to their newborn babies has been brought down to just four per cent.

Mr Mogae is currently Special Envoy to the UN Secretary General on Climate Change, alternate governor for the International Monetary Fund, and Member of the Global Coalition for Africa.

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Comments (2 responses)

Cheryl Williams September 12, 2014

This was an inspirational part of the evening, congratulations to Mr Festus Mogae.

Kir Majiok September 13, 2014

First and foremost I’m delighted to congratulate the former President of the Republic of Botswana His Excellency Mr Festus Mogae for job well-done during his leadership as a President and the awarded of Doctorate. I wish all African leaders to follow his footstep and preserve to continue stability and prosperity in African country. Now we need another Nelson Mandela in African nation.
Indeed, Murdoch University of Western Australia has shown a strong leadership by acknowledge the former Botswana President who is currently a Special Envoy to the UN Secretary General on Climate Change for his did.
Many thanks,
Kir Majiok
The author is an undergraduate student at Murdoch University; Major in Politics and International Studies. Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies.
School of Management and Governance.

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