Hero for WA coastal waterways honoured

July 10, 2013

A lifetime of investigation into the health of WA coastal waterways has been honoured by the Australian Marine Sciences Association.

Renowned scientist Professor Ian Potter from Murdoch University has won the prestigious Jubilee Award for his research into the biology and community ecology of fish and invertebrates in Western Australian marine and estuarine waters.

During his 45 year career Professor Potter has worked with his research students and collaborators from around Australia and the world to make one of the largest contributions to scientific knowledge about marine and estuarine waters in Australia.

He is one of most highly cited scientists in the world, one of only 20 Australian researchers to make the ISI highly cited list, and has supervised more than 40 PhD students at Murdoch University.

Professor Potter was congratulated by Western Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Lyn Beazley.

“As Chief Scientist of Western Australia, I congratulate Professor Ian Potter on this wonderful award,” said Professor Beazley.

“It is recognition of the importance of Ian’s research and his role in mentoring an entire generation of scientists.

“From his pioneering work on the little understood but evolutionarily highly important lampreys to studies of the biota of the Swan River, Ian’s work will stand the test of time and shape our thinking as well as influencing management practice.”

Professor Potter’s research provides a strong foundation for Murdoch’s current strategy to improve understanding of estuaries, catchments and near-shore environments throughout Western Australia through a greater alignment between research, the community and government.

The collaboration aims to find ways to minimise impact on our ecosystems whilst still encouraging the economic growth of our communities.

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