Gore comes to Murdoch in gothic plays

July 7, 2016

The GothicsHorror thrills and blood spills will be presented in Murdoch’s Nexus Theatre throughout July in a series of three plays known as The Gothics.

The productions of Dracula (July 7-9), The Mummy Rises (July 14-16) and Frankenstein (July 21-23), will feature an abundance of visual effects to up the scare factor for audiences.

Several Murdoch staff, students and alumni are involved as actors or production staff in the plays, including Andrew David, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science (marine science) from Murdoch last year.

Andrew is the key visual effects guru on the productions and will be making decapitations, tramplings and bottlings look as realistic as possible.

“Frankenstein is by far the bloodiest and goriest of the plays, with the Creature himself presenting us with some amazing visual effects challenges,” said Andrew, who is the co-production manager, the props master and has two acting roles in the plays.

“The scene where the Creature rises will be particularly horrific, with an abundance of torn flesh and bodily fluids.

“By far the most strenuous props creation has been a three-person-operated horse puppet, a la 'Warhorse’. I've also had to craft vampire-killing spears and stakes, as well as Egyptian statues and ominous, glowing, wolf skulls. The variety of settings and tones between the three plays has resulted in a splendid mix of props.”

The three plays have been produced by three Perth-based independent theatre companies: Murdoch Theatre Company, From The Hip Productions and Second Chance Theatre.

The three directors of The Gothics – John King, Tim Brain and Scott McArdle – are all fans of science fiction and horror and developed the project over two years.

“We want to tell these classic gothic horrors and make them relatable,” said Scott, another Murdoch alumni.  “These will be period pieces that are big and extravagant.”

Performance times: 7.30pm for all dates; 2pm matinee on July 16.
Venue: Nexus Theatre, 90 South Street, Murdoch WA 6150
Tickets: www.nexustheatre.com.au

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