Future students arrive at Murdoch

April 5, 2017

Kaitlin Brooks (left) and Faustina Lee making the eyeballs for their facial reconstruction challenge

Kaitlin Brooks (left) and Faustina Lee making the eyeballs for their facial reconstruction challenge (Pic: Matthew Gelding)

Primary school children from the Pilbara got a taste of university life on a VIP visit to Murdoch.

The year six pupils from six different schools are part of a program involving the Pilbara Education Partnership between BHP Billiton and the Department of Education.

They experienced practical workshops in facial reconstruction, built mini rockets and participated in an Amazing Race around campus.

“The activities showcased several scientific disciplines and helped the students to improve leadership, communication and team work skills,” said Anna Pryor, Science Outreach Officer for Murdoch University.

“It was wonderful to welcome them onto the Perth campus and get them excited about university life. We hope to see them again in a few years!”

Students from Cassia Primary, Baler Primary School, Port Hedland Primary School, South Hedland Primary School, Newman Primary School and South Newman Primary School enjoyed a five-star tour of the University.

Claire Chalk, Academic Enrichment Coordinator for the Newman area, and a teacher at South Newman Primary School, said the 12 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day at Murdoch.

“They are all keen to go to university and after experiencing all they did at Murdoch, they are now more intrinsically motivated to attend,” she said.

“The academic challenges had them think and apply their knowledge, and they had to work together to find a solution. It exemplified to the students that we are all, at times, outside of our comfort zone and that we do need to trust the team we work with even if we don't quite understand or agree.”

The visit to Murdoch was part of a week-long study and leadership tour of Perth and the pupils were selected as emerging leaders from participating schools to attend. They also visited SciTech, Parliament House and the Halogen Student Leadership Conference.

“The students will be sharing their learning experiences with their peers back in their schools,” added Ms Chalk. “The program also gave the students an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with their peers and be an active member of their school community.”


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