Future radio stars to train on new kit

April 2, 2014

Karito Viviana, Michael Done and Rony Ronald

From left to right, Karito Viviana, Michael Done and Rony Ronald

Radio presenters of the future will be sharpening up their broadcasting skills in Murdoch University’s brand new digital radio studios later this month.

Participants in the Community Broadcasters Training Course, jointly run by Radio Fremantle and the University, have previously trained on analog equipment. But studio refurbishments will see the latest batch of students gain valuable experience on Murdoch’s new state-of-the-art kit.

Course leader Michael Done, from the University’s Media Arts Centre said: “This new equipment gives our students a taste of the real thing. Virtually all modern studios are using networked digital technology now.”

“The equipment radically simplifies procedures for students, which is especially helpful for beginners joining us on this course.”

Mr Done said the seven week course equips enthusiastic and aspiring radio presenters with the skills and knowledge they need to present their own programs live to air.

“We cover the essentials of style, voice, scripting, interviewing, studio operation, communication principles and broadcasting law on the course,” added Mr Done, who is Murdoch University’s Studio Operations Manager.

“Our students come from all walks of life and range in age from 17 to 70. They require no prior on-air experience, just an interest and enthusiasm to be involved in radio.”

Radio Fremantle manager Ted Walker said several recent graduates from the course, which has been running for 14 years, had gone onto professional careers with major stations.

“Corbin Middlemas, an award-winning sports broadcaster with the ABC, began the course when he was still at school. Anne Odong is working for SBS Melbourne and Brett Sprigg is producing Grandstand on the ABC,” he said.

Recent course graduate Karito Viviana, who co-presents a bilingual Latin American show on Radio Fremantle with fellow former student Rony Ronald, said they were constantly applying skills learnt on the course.

“Without learning the technical and regulatory skills from doing the course, our show would have remained a dream,” she said.

The next Community Broadcasters Training Course begins on April 22, with sessions twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings until June 5.

The course costs $330. To enrol, applicants should send an email with the subject line ‘Training Course’ to admin@radiofremantle.com. They must include their name and contact details.

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