Funding boost for native animals in need

July 11, 2013

Injured wildlife will soon be treated in first class facilities, thanks to a $1.1 million grant from Lotterywest.

Conservation group Native Animal Rescue will use the funds to build a fully functioning veterinary clinic at its Malaga site, with staff and students from Murdoch University providing valuable expertise.

Murdoch Professor Andrew Thompson, who is also Chair of Native Animal Rescue, said the clinic would not only help injured wildlife, but would also support conservation efforts.

"The new clinic will increase our capacity and allow us to explore a number of special projects," Professor Thompson said.

"Vet students will gain valuable clinical experience, while opening up new research and education opportunities for academics and PhD candidates."

It's hoped the new veterinary clinic will be up and running early next year.

Native Animal Rescue recently purchased a boat, allowing volunteers to collect injured waterbirds from the Swan River. The birds would then be taken to a purpose built waterbird enclosure for rehabilitation, also funded by Lotterywest.

"Fishing lines pose a major problem for our waterbirds, as do the hooks which can become lodged in birds’ beaks, eyes and throats," he said.

Professor Thompson said these projects would strengthen ties between Murdoch University and Native Animal Rescue, a partnership which has already yielded positive outcomes for local wildlife.

A previous Lotterywest grant funded the construction of a small mammal enclosure, which now hosts a colony of woylies.

The small marsupial was once a common sight throughout the South West, but now is only found in a small pocket of bushland near Manjimup.

"The enclosure allowed Murdoch researchers to study the creature in depth, leading to the discovery that disease was partly to blame for its decline," Professor Thompson said.

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Philippe September 27, 2013

Wow 1.1 mil is a lot of money. I'm glad that some companies are willing to spend this kind of money for the other inhabitants of this planet. I wanted to be a vet when I was a kid lol, but those plans fell through. I think everyone wanted to be a vet when they were kids lol.

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