Fresh funding to support regional students

July 1, 2013

The George Alexander Foundation has renewed its support of regional WA students by recommitting to its Scholarships Program at Murdoch University.

(L-R) Zach Strom, Phoebe Cahill, Jaquelyn McCaskie, Amy Dickerson, Georgia Taylor, Academic Registrar Carolyn McInnis, Bridie Luers and Lena Pulbrook.

The Foundation aims to help high achieving students from regional or rural backgrounds to accomplish their best at university, without being concerned about the costs of living.

Dr Marian Kemp, Director of Student Life and Learning at Murdoch University said the scholarships will help regional students overcome some of the challenges they face when moving to the city.

"Studying at university is daunting enough, let alone having the additional pressure of working part-time to support the costs of study," she said.

"The George Alexander Foundation scholarships provide a wonderful introduction to Murdoch, not only because of the financial support but also through the network of other GAF scholars."

Six scholarships, valued at $24,000, will be awarded annually from 2014. These will be given to regional year 12 students relocating to Perth to study at Murdoch University. The funds will cover accommodation costs for the first three years of study.

Established in 2008, The George Alexander Foundation Rural Accommodation Scholarship Program has provided over $1 million to help regional students gain a tertiary degree.

Applications for the next round of these scholarships will open at the end of the year. For more information, click here.

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