Free public lecture: The Truth About Crime

March 12, 2017

Dr Joe Clare is a criminologist who lectures in Murdoch's School of Law

Dr Joe Clare is a criminologist who lectures in Murdoch's School of Law

The truth about crime statistics and how best to prevent crime will be the topic of a free public lecture at Murdoch University on Monday, 13 March.

Dr Joe Clare, a criminologist from Murdoch’s School of Law, will explain how the ‘tough on crime’ agenda of politicians across the world fails to acknowledge research evidence about what really works to reduce crime.

He also says the assertion that crime is a worsening issue in the modern era is a myth perpetuated by the media and politicians, and that crime in the western world has been declining since the early 1990s.

“Information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shows the rate of violent crime in the US has fallen 50 per cent since its peak in 1991,” says Dr Clare.

“And yet, crime statistics can be manipulated to mask this trend.”

Dr Clare says research from the across the world shows that imprisonment is expensive and overcrowded jails are not a deterrent for offenders.

“Individual focused interventions, place-based intervention, post-prison release services and targeted assistance for problem communities have been shown to work in crime prevention,” he said.

“If crime prevention and reducing victimisation are the focus of the justice system, governments should be looking to invest in these effective prevention strategies.

“In Texas they implemented a program, which helped people leaving prison to find somewhere to live and a job. This very basic assistance helped them to reduce reoffending rates.”

Dr Clare will be expanding on these issues in his presentation, which is a part of the Undercover lecture series. These free lectures tackle common misconceptions and reveal interesting facts about a diverse range of topics investigated at Murdoch.

Dr Clare’s talk, entitled The Truth About Crime, will take place in the Hill Lecture Theatre on Murdoch’s Perth Campus from 6pm. To register, click here.

To view what’s coming up in the series and register for those lectures, click here.

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