Free course to help busy WA citizens manage their lives

June 27, 2014

Jane Genovese

A Murdoch University researcher investigating the wellbeing of West Australians is looking for people to participate in a free course to help them better manage their lives.

PhD candidate Jane Genovese of the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences has developed the six week Smart Busy: Live Better, Feel Free + Stress Less course after surveying and interviewing people from Perth and surrounds about their lives.

“I found that more than half of the 440 people who responded to the online survey felt like their lives were really hectic while almost 40 per cent of the sample indicated they were ‘running on automatic’ without much awareness of what they were doing,” explained Ms Genovese.

“I also interviewed 30 people from various walks of life and the general sense was that people are flat out, rushing around and time poor.

“Interestingly, to some extent people like being busy. They feel they are accomplishing things and going places. But it can get to a point when they are so busy that it’s no longer enjoyable and it starts to take its toll on their health.”

She said the course had been developed to help West Australians reclaim a sense of control and balance in their lives.

The latest information on topics such as mindfulness, happiness, decluttering and how to focus in the age of distraction will be passed onto participants, who will be engaged in workshops and activities.

“It will be an opportunity for people to take time out from their busy lives and explore what really matters to them,” said Ms Genovese. “And it will help people cope more effectively with the stresses of modern life.”

Her social wellbeing study of West Australians was the first of its kind in the state. The survey consisted of 150 questions and provided a snapshot of modern life in Perth and its surrounds.

The course, which will be able to take 40 people, is the final phase in Ms Genovese’s PhD and if successful she hopes it will be taken on by large organisations like councils.

The Smart Busy course commences on Thursday, August 7, at 6.30pm and will run weekly for six sessions at Murdoch University.

To register or for more information, email Ms Genovese at or visit

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