Former WA Chief Scientist is new Murdoch University Ambassador

July 8, 2014

Former WA Chief Scientist Professor Lyn Beazley has become Murdoch University's ambassador for its science and research activities with the aim of promoting its initiatives and achievements to the community, government and industry.

Murdoch Vice Chancellor Richard Higgott announced Professor Beazley's appointment as the new Sir Walter Murdoch Distinguished Professor of Science citing it as one of the most important engagements made by the University in recent times.

Professor Higgott said that Professor Beazley's part-time appointment was highly significant as her eminent research status – including a seven-year tenure as WA Chief Scientist – brought depth and credibility to her relationship role for the University.

"The University is certain that her great knowledge and understanding of science and research, together with her outstanding reputation will enhance the promotion and representation of Murdoch to the wider community, government, business and industry," he said.

"As well as promoting science to schools and the broader community, Professor Beazley will provide support and advice on the development of relationships to improve our industry links and also in relation to government funding.

"Her broad experience within all facets of Australian science is second to none as she has served on numerous bodies advising State and Federal Governments such as the NH&MRC Fellowships Committee, and Australian Research Council (ARC) Advisory Groups, for whom she continues to provide expert advice.

"She will undoubtedly make a great contribution to Murdoch University going forward."

Professor Beazley said she was delighted with the scope and depth of her role and looked forward to being able to apply her career science and research skills in new directions across the total community.

“I am thrilled to be joining Murdoch University where there are so many exciting projects under way and there is such potential to make a difference,” Professor Beazley said of her appointment.

“I hope that my experience in academia, government and industry can be brought to bear on important issues for Western Australia and beyond,” she said.

With degrees from Oxford University and the University of Edinburgh, Professor Beazley has more than 30 years of research experience in the field of recovery from brain damage.  This includes research which changed clinical practice in the treatment of infants at risk from pre-term delivery.

Passionately committed to philanthropy, Professor Beazley will donate from her salary to an Indigenous training program within the WA Museum, the WA Symphony Orchestra, the WA Ballet, the WA Opera and the Black Swan Theatre.

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