First Murdoch Commission passes halfway mark

August 8, 2013

Commission Co-Chair Dr Chung Min Lee is at Murdoch in July and August.

The Murdoch Commission, a major international commission of inquiry into the evolving engagement of Western Australia (and Australia) in the Asian region, has marked the halfway point in its investigations and deliberations.

Launched in February 2013, the Commission is composed of 12 members from business, government and academia from Australia and across the region, including newly named Murdoch Chancellor Mr David Flanagan and Dr Jeffrey Wilson from Murdoch’s Asia Research Centre in the School of Management and Governance.

“Commissioners have made significant progress on identifying and undertaking initial analysis on many of the major issues now facing the Asian region, including Australia and WA,” said Commission Director of Studies, Associate Professor Michael Crozier.

“As leading global specialists, they have offered diverse perspectives on how countries in the region might position themselves and best develop relationships in key areas, ranging from economic enmeshment through to non-traditional forms of diplomacy.”

The Commission has also benefitted from undertaking a series of consultations and meetings across the region, capturing input from government, business, industry, academia and emerging leaders at various locations.

“This robust level of input promises that the final report will provide policy makers, industry leaders and educators with fresh insight and novel approaches to contemporary challenges in the region in the twenty-first century,” Professor Crozier said.

Commission Co-Chair Dr Chung Min Lee, who is currently engaged on Commission work at Murdoch during July and August, will be providing his thoughts on Asia’s rise at a Murdoch-sponsored lecture at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade this week.

Dr Lee, a Professor of International Relations at the Graduate School of International Studies at Yonsei University and South Korea’s Ambassador for National Security Affairs, said he was interested in presenting a more detailed account of the Asia narrative and its spectacular transformation.

He said while it has become fashionable to equate Asia’s rise with the decline of the West and Western institutions, there was little evidence to support such assertions.

Dr Lee will join his fellow Commissioners later in the month in New Delhi, followed by meetings in Tokyo and Canberra in September. This follows earlier meetings of the Commission held in Jakarta in April and China and Korea in June.

The First Murdoch Commission final report is scheduled to be released in December, with a launch in Perth and in Asia. Commissioners are also taking part in the Public Policy in the Asian Century conference at the University of Melbourne later this year.

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