Feature film offers unique industry insights

June 14, 2013

Two Murdoch University media students have enjoyed a taste of the film industry, working behind the scenes on local crime thriller The Reckoning.

(L-R) First assistant director Michael Faranda, producer Deidre Kitcher, director John V. Soto with Murdoch students Sophia van der Leeden and Cameron Whiteford

Several of the film's scenes were shot at Murdoch’s South Street campus.

"Working on a professional film set is a very different environment to a student shoot," said postgraduate diploma student Sophia van der Leeden.

"It was a great opportunity to gain hands on experience, while learning new skills as an intern in the wardrobe department."

Masters student Cameron Whiteford, who worked as a production intern, said he'd made valuable industry contacts while on set.

"It was an opportunity to prove myself to those who matter and put what I have learned into practice," he said.

Husband and wife team John V. Soto and Deidre Kitcher are behind the $2.5 million feature, serving as writer-director and producer, respectively.

Both students said they would like to emulate the success of the creative duo, with Mr Whiteford and Ms van der Leeden hoping to build careers as producers.

"I love taking on the responsibilities, networking and thinking critically on my feet," Mr Whiteford said.

"The postgraduate courses are strongly focused on film production rather than theory, giving us the chance to work on bigger projects with a budget," Ms van der Leeden added.

"It allows us to develop our skills further so that we graduate with more specialised knowledge, which is crucial to set us apart in such a competitive industry."

The Reckoning is expected to premiere at next year's Sundance Film Festival.

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