Famous roboticist to be honoured by Murdoch

February 24, 2011

One of China’s most well-renowned roboticists will visit Perth next week to receive an honorary doctorate from Murdoch University for his contribution to agricultural engineering.

Professor Zhang Li-bin is president of Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT), Murdoch’s sister university in Hangzhou, China. The relationship between Murdoch University and ZJUT allows the two institutions to collaborate in a number of areas including student exchange, research activities and in the development of collaborative course delivery.

Professor Zhang was recently awarded the Special Allowances of State Council and several other state honorary titles for his service to mechanical engineering education and research.

Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Gary Martin said Professor Zhang was nominated for an honorary doctorate because of his indelible contribution to agricultural research.

“Professor Zhang’s contribution to the design architecture of small agricultural machinery and modern robot technology for use in agricultural, forestry and stockbreeding has made a significant contribution to agricultural research and development in China,” he said.

Acknowledgement of Professor Zhang’s outstanding contribution to the agricultural industry is not limited to China – his research is widely recognised throughout the US, Europe and Japan where he has forged strong collaborative research links. He has lived in Italy and conducted research with the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Bologna.

Professor Zhang will accept his honorary doctorate at the Murdoch University graduation ceremony at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre on Wednesday March 2.

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