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February 26, 2015

A range of Murdoch experts are available for media commentary in MarchA range of Murdoch academics are available for commentary in March on topical subjects including the Bali Nine and political implications, the significance of Labour Day in Australian Politics, the effect of heat on athlete performance in line with the Cricket World Cup and much more.

Find the full list of Murdoch experts by category here, or contact a member of the Media and Communications team for more information.

Bali Nine
Dr Jacqui Baker
Dr Jacqui Baker is an expert in Indonesian politics with research expertise in law, violence and corruption. Dr Baker can provide commentary on the politics of the Indonesian police, including police corruption and violence, and has also worked extensively with drug offenders in Jakarta’s prisons on these issues. Dr Baker believes the Bali Nine death penalty case flags the rise of a new insular nationalism at the heart of Indonesian politics, and the bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia will need to adjust to this new tone.

Labour Day – March 2
Labour Day is an annual public holiday that celebrates the eight-hour working day, a victory for workers in the mid-late 19th century. The argument for the eight-hour day was based on the need for each person to have eight hours labour, eight hours recreation and eight hours rest.

Dr Ian Cook
Senior Lecturer in Politics, Dr Cook is an expert in Australian politics and can provide commentary around the significance of Labour Day in Australian politics and how it applies to society today.

International Women’s Day – March 8
International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women around the world, encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women and calling for greater equality through the theme ‘Make it Happen’ in 2015.

Associate Professor Ngaire Donaghue
Associate Professor Donaghue is a social psychologist with research that explores appearance culture – how social understandings of concepts like gender and body image shape and constrain the kinds of identities that are developed by women.

Harmony Day – March 21
Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect, a sense of belonging, and a day of cultural acknowledgement for everyone who calls Australia home.

Dr Barbara Evers
Dr Evers is a cultural sociologist with research that focuses on the interplay between culture and society, with a particular interest in histories of person formation or identity.

Associate Professor Anne Pedersen
An applied social and community psychologist, Associate Professor Pedersen can provide commentary on prejudice and anti-prejudice against different cultural groups in particular, asylum seekers, Indigenous Australians and Muslim Australians.

Easter – April 5

Animal health, chocolate and dogs
Dr Jill Griffiths
Dr Griffiths is the Veterinarian Supervisor at the Murdoch Pet Emergency Centre. With Easter approaching, she can offer a timely reminder about the foods which can be toxic for pets – including chocolate.

The origins of Easter
Dr Jeremy Hultin
Dr Hultin’s research centres on the New Testament, including Catholic Epistles, the Apostle Paul and the Historical Jesus. He can provide commentary on the origins of Easter, its context in the original first-century setting, and the way the earliest Christians commemorated the event.

Effect of heat on elite athlete performance

Dr Jeremiah Peiffer
The ICC Cricket World Cup will see matches held in stifling summer heat. Dr Jeremiah Peiffer has worked extensively with elite athletes on understanding how they can best regulate their body temperature and combat fatigue in hot conditions.

Dr Brad Wall
A lecturer in exercise science, Dr Wall has researched what happens to athletes when they exercise in hot conditions and become dehydrated. An athlete’s thermoregulatory response (or temperature regulation) affects their attention, coordination and overall performance.



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