Experts available for commentary on the State and Federal Budgets

May 7, 2015

OMurdoch University has several experts who can comment on a number of issues which may arise from the Federal Budget on May 12 and the WA State Budget on May 14.


Dr Ian Cook

Dr Cook specialises in providing independent and critical commentary on Australian and Western Australian politics. He is a sought-after interviewee who is known for explaining political issues in a way which is both accessible and interesting.

Professor Benjamin Reilly

Professor Reilly is Dean of the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs. He is a political scientist specialising in democratisation, comparative politics and political development. He can also comment on democracy in East Asia, US and Australian foreign policy, South Pacific affairs, and China's role in the Asia-Pacific.

Education and School funding

Dr Anne Price

Dr Anne Price focuses her research on the ways in which state and national educational policies and practices impact on initial teacher education and teachers’ work. She is currently researching the role of Aboriginal Education Workers and Teacher Assistants.

Dr Laura Perry

Dr Perry is a senior lecturer in education policy. She examines how education policies and systems are related to inequalities of students’ opportunities, experiences and outcomes. Her current research examines the relationship between school socioeconomic composition and academic achievement.

Rural economics, government finances

Dr Anne Garnett

Dr Garnett has been researching and teaching in economics for more than 20 years. She can provide comment across a number of topics, including budget, economic policy and government finances.

Health policy

Associate Professor Francesco Paolucci

Associate Professor Paolucci is the Head of the Health Policy Program in the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs. He has published and advised in the areas of public and economic policy focusing on healthcare systems governance and design, healthcare financing and insurance and decision-making and priority setting in various countries including Australia.

Refugee and asylum law

Anna Copeland

Anna Copeland is Director of the Clinical Legal Program at Murdoch University School of Law. Her primary areas of expertise are laws as they affect children and young people, human rights and clinical legal education. Her own practice specialises in youth law, refugee and asylum law, and human rights.

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