Dolphin Centre opens new research and volunteer facility

October 30, 2008

Dolphin Centre opens new research and volunteer facility

A new dolphin research and volunteer building has been opened at the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre.

It will be used to house the Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit (MUCRU) alongside the Centre’s 100-plus volunteers.

Dr Lars Bejder, Murdoch’s cetacean expert, said the building provided valuable office and research space.

“Part is a wet lab, which allows us to process fish samples and dolphin samples, and then we have main office space for eight people, including PhD students and quite a few visiting scientists,” Dr Bejder said.

“This means we can do a lot of work while in the field, and additionally have a large freezer space so we can store samples, so if there are things we can’t do in Bunbury then we can transport those samples up to Murdoch for testing.”

Phil Coulthard, Operational Manager of the Dolphin Discovery Centre, said the building was a valuable space to the volunteers, who had been previously housed in a sea container.

“For the volunteers it’s a home, there’s space for equipment and training, storage facilities for their personal items, and the building is airconditioned too,” Mr Coulthard said.

“We’ll also use the research from MUCRU for visitors, and we’re setting up a display board with information to promote the dolphin research being done here at the Dolphin Discovery Centre.”

The new building also has a large shed that houses the two Murdoch Dolphin Discovery research boats and cars.

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