Discover the secret society of sperm whales

January 25, 2011

World renowned whale researcher Professor Hal Whitehead from Dalhousie University in Canada will give a free public presentation on sperm whales on Monday February 7 at Murdoch University.

Prof Whitehead is a University Research Professor in the Department of Biology at Dalhousie University. His presentation, Society and culture in the deep ocean – the sperm whale, will give attendees a glimpse into the inner workings of the deep water creature; their evolution and habitats.

Prof Whitehead’s research focuses on social organisation and cultural transmission in the deep-water whales, but he also works on their ecology, population biology and conservation. His fieldwork is carried out in the North Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans from a 12 metre sailing boat.

Dr Lars Bejder, from Murdoch University’s Cetacean Research Unit (MUCRU) said: “It is a great honour for MUCRU to host Professor Whitehead’s visit to Australia. His expertise, insight into whale behaviour and conservation efforts is a source of great inspiration for students, scientists and the general public.

“We encourage everyone to come listen to Hal’s experiences at sea and his research findings on the deep-diving sperm whales.”

The free presentation will be held at the Murdoch University’s Robertson lecture theatre from 1.30-2.30pm. RSVP is essential to

Photo courtesy of Chris Johnson – earthOCEAN

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