Developing employability through self-awareness

March 27, 2017

Jasmine Low’s research is leading to practical career outcomes

Investigating if enhanced self-awareness, positive self-talk and life skills can boost career adaptability in young people, is the focus for Murdoch alumnus, Jasmine Low (BA Psychology), as she embarks on her PhD study in organisational psychology.

Now in her second year of her PhD at the University of Valencia in Spain – the Research Institute of Psychology in Human Resource, Organisational Development and Quality of Work Life – Jasmine’s study focuses on experiential learning strategies and calls on participants to draw insights as to how their skills can support them to be more career adaptable.

Jasmine said it was only when she applied for her PhD scholarship with the Spanish Government that she realised Murdoch University’s standing as a tertiary institution. The scaling of her grades helped her become one of just 15 foreigners awarded scholarships out of 350 recipients.

After graduating from Murdoch’s Singapore campus in 2012, Jasmine took up full-time work as a trainer in a leadership development company but resigned after winning a European Commission scholarship to pursue a Masters in Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychology.

Jasmine said she opted to specialise in organisational psychology to contribute to individual and organisational systems such as corporate culture, work climate, leadership and teamwork.

She was recently recognised for her contribution to practice, winning the Young Psychologist with Talent award from the Spanish Psychology Council for her 2014 thesis on employability and development.

“The award is an affirmation that my research topic and direction has practical contribution to both the scientific and practice community,” Jasmine said.

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