Course will help Indigenous students into science careers

January 20, 2012

Indigenous students hoping to follow a career in science are being urged to sign up for a special course at Murdoch University.

The K-Track program, based at Murdoch’s Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre, is designed to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who would not otherwise qualify for university-level study a pathway into a degree course.

From 2012, for the first time, the course will include units on science as well as arts subjects – preparing students for whatever degree they eventually wish to study.

Professor Andrew Taggart, Acting Director of Kulbardi, said the inclusion of science in the program would help students interested in working in the resources industry.

“The resources industry has a large presence in the regional and remote areas of Australia where most Indigenous people live, yet Indigenous people are under-represented in the workforce and have the highest unemployment rate in the country,” he said.

“The K-Track program will give students a pathway into higher level study that will hopefully put them in a strong position to follow a career in science.”

K-Track is sponsored by Energy Resourcing Australia, a progressive provider of professional services to the global resources sector, including recruitment, contracting management services, training and HR consulting.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The program has presented itself as an amazing opportunity to be involved with an initiative that’s so important to the community. We will be involved at all levels from program development through to ongoing mentoring and support services for the students.

“We are in the privileged position within our industry to make a difference and that’s exactly what we intend to do.”

After completing K-Track, students move onto the university’s general OnTrack program, available at the South Street, Rockingham and Peel campuses.

If they complete that program successfully, they will be eligible to join a Murdoch University undergraduate degree course.

Professor Taggart said: “Murdoch recognises that there are many different reasons why some people do not qualify for standard entry to degree-level study. Their education may have been disadvantaged or disrupted due to financial or other life circumstances, for example.

“Our programs allow these people to strengthen their academic skills and understanding of university life and study in a supportive and inclusive environment.”

K-Track will start in February 2012. For more information call Kulbardi on 08 9360 2128 or email

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