Countdown to Malaysia for forensic students

May 1, 2018

Malaysia delegation

Cultural collaboration: Murdoch forensic science students will take part in simulated forensic investigations to build their skills and experience

Running investigations into disasters like explosions, hijackings and homicides on ships are among the skills that five Murdoch University forensic science students will hone in July when they visit Malaysia.

Thomas Pascoe, Tamara Jarvis, Jolene Anthony, Danielle Colledge, Claire Spozetta and their lecturer Dr Paola Magni met with the education attaché of Malaysia Abdul Hadi Mustaffa at a special event at the Consulate-General of Malaysia in Perth recently ahead of their visit.

The students will visit the forensic science program at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in the city of Bangi for two weeks.

Funded by the Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan, the students will also take part in simulated investigations, which will be led by the Maritime CSI team in Malaysia. They will also visit the Royal Malaysian Police CSI lab.

Dr Magni said the experience of working across cultures would be invaluable to students entering a global workforce.

“Disasters can happen anywhere and across jurisdictions, so it is important for forensic investigators to have an appreciation for and a knowledge of how different agencies operate,” Dr Magni said.

“This visit will equip our students with an understanding of the forensic approach in the Malaysian region, making them better qualified to work in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Third year student Danielle Colledge said the trip was an “extraordinary opportunity” to see inside forensic facilities and work with forensic professionals.

“I’m also really excited to work with the students at UKM. The experience will help me to gain knowledge in working with different cultures in a forensic environment,” Ms Colledge said.

Dr Magni said they hoped the visit would build a foundation for future student exchanges between Murdoch and UKM.

“We have already forged a close relationship with UKM’s forensic science program, led by Dr Raja Muhammad Zuha, and we would like to extend this association in the years ahead with more teaching and research collaborations,” she said.

Mr Mustaffa said Australian students were always welcome to visit Malaysia and the Consulate was keen to support and facilitate such linkages.

“Our two countries enjoy a close relationship, and educational visits by Australian students like these serve to strengthen our links and provide invaluable opportunities to our citizens,” he said.

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Well done Paoli

Hope this connection can flourish with enrolments, study abroad and research projects for the Malaysian Police

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