Conference investigates opportunities in Africa

November 21, 2013

Murdoch University will be hosting the 36th annual African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific AFSAAP conference from November 27 to 29 at the South Street Campus.

Mr David Doepel, Chair of the Africa Research Group at Murdoch, said the conference’s theme ‘African Renaissance and Australia’ was timely given current reassessments of Australia’s geopolitical positioning.

“As a country we have traditionally been very strongly Asian-Pacific oriented, but our Western Coast is bathed by the Indian Ocean, so it is timely to reflect on Australia's relationship with Africa, the emergence of the African continent and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead,” Mr Doepel said.

“The conference is multi-disciplinary in focus, including a free public forum on Kenya dealing with governance and democracy, and other panels on food security, mining, Africa's mining vision and the creative industries.

“We would encourage members of the public as well as interested government, industry, academic and business stakeholders to attend.”

Mr Doepel said the conference reflected Murdoch’s long-time Africa focus.

“Murdoch has almost since its inception been undertaking research that is African-centric, and this has intensified in recent years,” Mr Doepel said.

“The University is currently engaged in a number of significant federally supported grants looking at environment, water, agriculture and the extractives industry in Africa.

“We look forward to sharing ideas through this conference, furthering our discussions and orienting ourselves toward further collaborations in this important region.”

For more information on the conference and African research at Murdoch University, go here.

The free Kenya forum will be held on Friday, November 29 at 10am at Economics, Commerce and Law Lecture Theatre 1 (ECL 1). No registration is required.

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