Children’s theatre production draws on African inspiration

May 15, 2012

With crocodile villains and superheroes rescuing babies from the depths of the River Nile, the latest production by Murdoch University’s Children’s Theatre group will capture the imagination of adults and children alike.

Son of the Nile opens for a limited public season at the University’s Nexus Theatre on Monday, May 28, and is especially suitable to older primary school aged children.

“This play was written by internationally acclaimed playwright and poet Afief Ismael, a refugee from Sudan who writes first in his native Arabic,” said Dr David Moody, coordinator of the Children’s Theatre unit at Murdoch University.

“We are fortunate to have Afief currently studying theatre at Murdoch University this year and so our playwright will actually play the role of the River Nile in the production.”

Son of the Nile is a story narrated by the Nile River itself about the birth of a new son to the village Chief, who is then kidnapped by an evil pair of crocodiles.

The crocodiles have been sent by their Queen to avenge the killing of a crocodile by the baby’s father.

The Fastest Swimmer in the World, the super-hero Buzagully, is sent to rescue the baby by swimming through the deepest waters of the Nile.

But there are two babies stolen – which is the Chief’s son?

The play ends with a huge comic battle between crocodiles and humans.

“Murdoch University’s Children’s Theatre unit is the only one of its kind in Western Australia and each year the students inspire and entertain hundreds of children,” Dr Moody said.

“In particular we are delighted to have the chance to show this play to a group of Sudanese refugee children in early June.”

Son of the Nile is being performed as part of a double bill with another original play, Doctor Roo and the Jewel of the Kimberley, written by Murdoch graduate students Andrew Kocsis and Melissa Merchant.

This is the hilarious story of a time travelling kangaroo and his emu assistant, who are in a quest to save the Beeliar wetlands.

Son of the Nile and The Jewel of the Kimberley public performances will be held from Monday, May 28, at 7.30pm until the following Monday, with matinees at 12:30pm and 2:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

For more information or to book tickets contact Laurinne Macqueen.

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