Chief vet to present at public lecture

September 14, 2015

Australia's Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Mark Schipp will present at the the Sir Walter Murdoch public lecture

Australia's Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Mark Schipp will present at the the Sir Walter Murdoch public lecture

Murdoch alumnus and Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Mark Schipp will discuss the implications for veterinarians of issues including food security and antimicrobial resistance in the 2015 Sir Walter Murdoch public lecture on Thursday, September 24.

In a presentation entitled Would Sir Walter have wanted a Veterinary School?, Dr Schipp will discuss how the role of the veterinarian has changed since the inauguration of Murdoch University 40 years ago.

“Australia is facing increasing challenges as fiscal constraints and trade expectations mount, new diseases and technologies emerge, global food insecurity concerns increase, the threat of antimicrobial resistance grows and we operate in an increasingly deregulated environment,” said Dr Schipp.

“As the scope of Australia’s challenges increase, there are implications for the nation’s veterinarians.

“In the presentation, I will also discuss what opportunities the changing environment creates for the veterinary workforce for the future.”

Dr Schipp was appointed Australian Chief Veterinary Officer in 2011. He is the Australian delegate to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and in 2015 he was elected as Vice President of the OIE World Assembly.

Prior to taking up this role, Dr Schipp led work on export certification of animal products and delivery of the Australian export meat inspection system. Dr Schipp served two terms overseas as Agriculture Counsellor in Seoul, South Korea and in Beijing, China.

Dr Schipp is a biology and veterinary graduate of Murdoch University. After graduation he worked with the Western Australian Department of Agriculture as a District Veterinary Officer in a number of locations around the state.

Murdoch University annually invites a person of national or international standing to deliver the Sir Walter Murdoch lecture on a topic of their choice.

The lectures must be thought-provoking, topical and of significant interest. Previous presenters of the Sir Walter Murdoch lecture have included former Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser; Todd Sampson, Earth Hour co-creator and Gruen Transfer television star and Lois O’Donaghue, the then Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission chairperson.

The lecture will take place in the Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre from 6pm on. Members of the public are welcome to attend but RSVP by Friday, September 18, is essential. RSVPs should be sent to

Free parking is available in Car Park 3 of the South Street Campus.

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