Centre of Excellence for Pain Research

April 9, 2010

Centre of Excellence for Pain ResearchMurdoch University psychology lecturer Professor Peter Drummond and Adjunct Professor Dr Phil Finch are in the process of establishing a Centre of Excellence for Pain Research.

Professor Drummond said chronic pain is a huge problem in Australia affecting one in every five adults and which is estimated to cost the economy $34 billion per year.

“Our aim is to gain new insights into the mechanisms that underlie pain and other chronic inflammatory conditions to establish a foundation for new approaches to treatment,” Professor Drummond said.

“We have already made significant progress in identifying mechanisms that may lie at the heart of neuropathic (nerve injury) pain.”

The recent addition of Dr Philip Stumbles and Dr Julia Inglis (from the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences) to the research team means they can now investigate the mechanisms of disease and trial new treatments in animal models.

“By combining expertise from psychology, medicine and biomedical sciences we will be able to make significantly more progress,” Professor Drummond said.

The Centre was recently successful in applying for a grant from medical technology company, St Judes Medical.

“The $15,000 grant from St Judes Medical will help us to establish a Centre to find solutions for chronic pain and inflammatory diseases,” Professor Drummond said.

Anyone who would like to support the research program or find out more about pain research at Murdoch University should contact Professor Peter Drummond by email or on 9360 2415.

Photo: Left to right: Joan Yates, Heather Williams, Professor Peter Drummond, Dr Phil Finch, Erin Triglone from St Judes Medical and Associate Professor Max Sully.

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