Cashed-up young Muslim travellers offer hope for tourist operators

November 14, 2017

Muslim millenials: Young Muslim travellers tipped to spend $100 billion by 2025

Travel spending by young Muslim tourists is set to top $100 billion and provide significant opportunities for tourism and hospitality industries in the Asia-Pacific region, according to research by Murdoch University.

The Mastercard-HalalTrip Muslim Millennial Travel Report 2017 is the first comprehensive report to examine the rising wave of young Muslim travellers who seek exotic experiences in Muslim-friendly environments.

Researchers Dr Eunice Tan, Ms Barkathunnisha Abu Bakar (Nisha), Dr Tania Lim and Dr Sumesh Nair from Murdoch University’s Singapore-based research centre (SCRIPT ) partnered with Mastercard, CrescentRating and HalalTrip on the research.

Dr Tan said the report examined the travel behaviour and expectations of the niche market of Muslim Millennial Travellers (MMT) aged 18 to 36 years.

“The MMTs are entering their peak earning and consumption stage of life and have unique consumer and generational needs on which the tourism sector and service providers need to focus their attention,” she said.

The study identified MMTs as a distinct tourist segment which seeks unique experiences that capture the 3As – Authenticity, Affordability and Accessibility – during their travels.

Almost half of them travel between two and five times a year and want to understand local cultures and heritage during their trips.

This market is expected to pump more than US$100 billion by 2025 into tourism destinations, tour operators, airlines and hospitality.

The study found that the Asia-Pacific region is a popular destination, with Muslim-majority nation Malaysia the most frequented destination because of easy access to halal food and prayer facilities.

Within the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Muslim millennials from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Turkey travel the most. Outside of that bloc, it is Muslim youths from Germany, Russia and India who are the top travellers.

The report can be read here.

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