Callum from MasterChef comes to Murdoch

March 1, 2011

Murdoch University students will have no excuse for living on takeaway pizza after they get a free cooking lesson from Series 2 MasterChef finalist Callum Hann this month.

The youngest contestant and runner-up in the 2010 season, 21-year-old Callum can’t wait to spread his enthusiasm for food.

Lucky students living in the Murdoch University Village will catch a glimpse of his brilliance when they attend one of his six cooking classes held at the Village on March 14 and 15.

“When I was a uni student I watched a lot of my friends live off takeaway or frozen meals. They knew it wasn’t the healthiest way to live, but I’m not sure they realised that it’s also more expensive,” Callum said.

“I think it's really important that everyone has the skills to cook themselves basic meals. I'm sure some of the students are already great cooks, so hopefully they can help me improve the skills of those who don't cook so often.”

General Manager of the Murdoch University Village, Chad Daly, said he thought Callum was the perfect candidate to teach students how to make healthy and nutritious food choices.

“At the Village we run a Residential Life Program and as part of that we encourage students to live, learn and grow offering everything from healthy food choices to classes in study support, languages and yoga,” Mr Daly said.

“To get students involved we’ve been running a competition prior to the cooking classes. Students can submit their own recipes and then Callum will choose his favourites.

“The winning five students will get to have a hands-on role in Callum’s classes and join us at an exclusive lunch with Callum.”

On the days all the action from the cooking classes will be projected onto a big screen so everyone can see exactly what’s happening.

“The dishes I teach the students will focus on fast, easy techniques and most importantly, be budget-friendly,” Callum said.

At the conclusion of the cooking classes the students will receive a cookbook with Callum’s recipes as well as the other student entries.

Although Callum hopes to return to university in the future his immediate plans still revolve around cooking.

“I have some amazing opportunities at the moment to get more people interested in cooking and the way they eat. I am currently working on starting my own cooking business,” he said.

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