Business students offered new study abroad options to expand global focus

April 13, 2018

Global business: new dual degree program offers international experience

From 2019 Murdoch University business and commerce students will have the opportunity to split their studies between Perth and the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

Dual degree undergraduate programs will allow domestic and international students to complete 18 months study in each location and to graduate with a degree from each University.

Murdoch University Deputy Vice Chancellor International Lyn Karstadt said the partnership recognised the increasingly global focus of business for which international mobility and networks were important preparations.

“This international experience will expose students to diverse economic, political and cultural perspectives and help develop the global mindset they will require to become successful future business leaders,” Professor Karstadt said.

“This program will further broaden opportunities for international students who will be able to experience two overseas campuses and countries during their studies.”

Julie Newlan, the University of Hertfordshire’s Pro-Vice Chancellor (Business and International Development) said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Murdoch University. As a leading business-facing University we are particularly proud of our strong international partnerships and we look forward to giving students the opportunity to experience both business and education in the UK and in Australia.

“The launch of this new dual degree program allows students to access high quality teaching from two corners of the world, developing the knowledge, skills and attributes fundamental to succeeding in the global business environment today.”

School of Business and Governance Dean at Murdoch University, Grant O’Neill, said dual degree students would be able to study for a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Murdoch and a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Hertfordshire incorporating units such as international management and marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Study in both Australia and the United Kingdom offers students valuable personal and professional development opportunities including the chance to build the global capabilities and skills that are fundamental to successfully competing in current business environments,” Professor O’Neill said.

“Access to work placements and workplace projects in both locations will provide real-world experience to complement and reinforce their studies and enhance their career prospects.”

The new initiative will commence in 2019.



Professor Karstadt said dual degree programs in other disciplines would be considered as the partnership between Murdoch University and the University of Hertfordshire developed.

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