Business school’s evolution gets international nod of approval

October 10, 2012

Murdoch Business School (MBS) has become only the second school in Australia to be granted membership by the UK’s Association of Business Schools (ABS).

Dean Professor Peter McKiernan said the honour was proof that the school’s on-going evolution from MBS into the School of Management and Governance was on the right track.

“The global financial crisis was a watershed moment in history, one which has led voices within business, academia, government and the media to call for better teaching of leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation – and, most of all, ethics,” Professor McKiernan said.

“We’re seizing on this change to create an institution which takes the best from the traditional business school model but widens its teaching and research focus to be broad in scope, internationally positioned and more relevant to greater society.

“Our plan is to orientate students toward the future, with knowledge spanning the social as well as economic sphere, instead of simply concentrating on how, for example, Dell, Apple or Hewlett-Packard ‘got it right’.”

Professor McKiernan said the new school would include teaching and research on topics such as food security, threats from terrorism, the grey economy, poverty and inequality, implications of the digitised society and the structures and processes of illegal organisations.

“At the moment, these topics can be found in departments of politics, economics and sociology in many universities, but rarely in business schools. Yet the real world has some very unwieldy, complicated issues which require the ability to communicate and accommodate diverse voices across regions, economies and organisations.”

“We’re living in a rapidly changing global community – one characterised by the shift of influence from West to East and impacted by major events such as the GFC. The old ways are no longer enough, and we want our graduates and researchers to stand at the forefront of the new realities.”

Professor McKiernan said the School of Management and Governance would benefit from an enhanced focus on Asia and see Murdoch University’s highly esteemed Asia Research Centre and the new Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs brought into the fold.

He said he believed membership with the ABS melded with the school’s new vision, noting the ABS’s reputation for leadership in the UK and Europe, combined with its increasing influence within the Asia-Pacific region.

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